BP: It’s FONT-amental


The font used in the image above is Alternate Gothic No. 2. This font can be found being used by YouTube in their logo. I think the designer intended for this font to be an easy to read font for the public eye. With the use of the contrasting colors of red, black, and white it is easy to read the company name and have it jump out to the eye. I think that this font communicates properly with where I found it (YouTube) because YouTube is a very large website that the public frequently uses so they had to select a font that is user friendly for all ages. Onlookers can look at this and understand the purpose of the font use because of the design around the letters that put a rectangular emphasis on the word ‘tube’– Tube meaning television and the rectangle making a television shape.

The font used in the image above is Futura MDd BT. This font was found being used by the online television company: Hulu. I feel that the designer of this font intended for it come off as elegant because of the sleekness and round corners mixed with the sharp edges. I think the designer wants this font to look very professional and simple to the public eye. I think that this font works well for Hulu because the word ‘hulu’ is a short and simple name so the company probably didn’t want a detailed and scripty font to distract consumers from the simple name that represents a high tech brand.

The font used in the image above is Times New Roman. This is a very commonly used font, but in the image this font was specifically fond on a Time Magazine cover. The Time Magazine logo uses the font Times New Roman. The designer of this font intended for this font to be easy to read and recognizable. This font is a classic font that reminds the public of the print industry or some scholarly writing whenever they see it. This font is fitting for Time Magazine because the name of the magazine directly reflects the name of the font being used which is clever and memorable. That is why I think the font appropriately communicates the name it is advertising.

The font used in the image above is Futura Condensed Extra Bold. I found this font being used by the brand Absolut on their alcohol bottles. I think the designer of this font wanted to portray a bold font that stands out to the public and gives a luxurious look from the thick smooth letters. I think this font communicates to the public appropriately in the space that I found it because this brand is trying to get consumers to believe that their product is nicer than similar brands and fancier.


The font used in the image above is called Cheap Motel. I found this font being used by the company MapQuest. I think the designer of this font wanted to give the letters a unique look that reminds the public of a safari look. This font is fitting for MapQuest because the letters looks very exotic and African like which relates to travel– which is the purpose of MapQuest. This font is simple while being creative and unique at the same time which catches consumers’ eyes.



Movie Analysis 9/10

Karmari Boyd did her informance movie on her Michael Kors backpack. Her movie starts off with her voice explaining what her designed product is with music playing in the background. She explains how this backpacks effects her every day life. The screen shows an up close moving view of the backpack itself as she explains the details on the backpack and the Michael Kors logo. She uses live video clips of herself actually walking along with the bag on her back. She talks about the uses of the backpack and how it is consumer friendly. Karmari even talks about how this bag has connected her to other people who have an interest in fashion in general. The movie talks about how this bag can make consumers feel like they are carrying a very high end bag even if you do not have a ton of money. Overall this was an interesting movie.

Lauren Weihe did her informance movie on Nike tennis shoes. Her video starts out with her voice explaining how tennis shoes can have different qualities. She shows different pictures of all types and colors of Nike tennis shoes and then explains her own pair. This movie is very well organized, starting with the process and product of the tennis shoes by explaining the materials and how the tennis shoe is made. She then talks about the human experience explaining that most people have a pair of Nike tennis shoes or will have them at some point. The next thing she talks about is the business side of the Nike company and she gives some facts about how the company is growing and its success. She also talks about how many famous athletes wear and sponsor the Nike brand. From the media she talks about how many sports teams the Nike brand owns and how that logo is shown throughout all of those teams. This movie is very interesting and I enjoyed watching it.

Movie Analysis 7/8

Kelsey Garrison did her informance movie on a Fujifilm Instax camera. The movie starts off with a popular Ed Sheeran song and live footage of the cameras. The movement and videos of the actual camera itself immediately grabbed my attention. This is a unique camera that comes in different colors and just the look of the camera itself is designed in a unique way. Kelsey shows what the finished photos look like that come from the camera. The different models and styles are discussed in the movie with captions popping up on the screen. She uses her own footage of the camera that she took herself to capture all angles of the camera. The movie talks about how this is a consumer friendly product. This is a very well made movie because she holds the camera and can show all of the different parts and functions so the viewer has an exact idea of everything that the product can do.

Erin Costigan did her informance on the University of Kentucky. The movie is made with music playing in the background with words being used to describe the university rather than a voice over. The movie gives some background on the school and how the school has different buildings that have been added to the campus to bring people together (ex: The 90). The movie talks a lot about how all of the new buildings really cater to the human experience here on campus. For example all of the new dorms create a better human experience at the school for those living in the dorms or visiting the school. Culture is discussed in the sense of the ‘Big Blue Nation’ with all of the sports teams and how they bring together that UK culture. This movie is very well made because it addresses all of the main points of design for the class. The movie captures the key ideas while keeping the viewer entertained.

BP: Movie Discussion

Today in class we met in groups and each discussed one of the three movies. We talked about some key points and questions about the movies and how they will be used in our movie review. I talked about Wall-E and how the plot line of the movie along with how the movie itself relates to design. The other group members also talked about the plot lines of Helvetica and Everything is Illuminated. Once we went over the plot lines and design elements of the movies we talked about the main messages of each movie. It was said each movie is designed to show some sort of change from beginning to end in the movies. We can see that in any movie, whether it be the change of an object or a character.

Movie Analysis 5/6

Barry Ordu did his informance movie on Disney World. The movie starts out with piano music playing in the background and then his voice comes on as he starts to discuss the background information on how and when Disney World was created. The use of his voice instead of words on the screen was a good choice because it allowed me to see all of the pictures with my full attention while still listening to the design process. Barry discusses the layout of Disney and just how large the scale of Disney is.  He talks about how Disney is designed to bring people together from all around the world with each different park and even the different “worlds” that are being represented throughout the parks. He also talks about how Disney has evolved as a brand and even has a television show. This is a very informative movie and is well made.

Elizabeth Neyer did her informance movie on the Dallas Cowboys stadium (the AT&T Stadium). Her movie was made with her voice over the movie rather than a song or words popping up on the screen. Her movie has live video clips of the stadium which I really enjoyed because I got a chance to experience what it would be like walking into this huge stadium. She talks about how large the stadium is and gives specific facts on its background. Elizabeth discusses how the building is built for the fans’ enjoyment as she gives examples of the features designed for the fans in this stadium. She also goes into how the building itself functions and gives examples like how the roof of the stadium is retractable. This movie is very well made overall and I enjoyed watching it. It was interesting because this stadium is so big and high tech so that made for an interesting movie.

BP: Consumer Product

For my consumer product I got to choose any product from the Star Wars franchise. The product that I chose is the lightsaber toy. The lightsaber is the iconic weapon used in Star Wars. The specific lightsaber toy that I am writing about can be found online at Target.com and is manufactured by Hasbro under license from Lucasfilm Ltd. Since this lightsaber is a Hasbro toy, it is made in the U.S. and distributed to all Targets where it can be purchased. It is also distributed to Toys R Us and Walmart where it can be purchased as well. The actual toy itself is sold online through these stores and in the actual stores themselves. Design factors in each stage of the process of getting the product to the consumers in many ways. First the toy itself has to be designed to please the consumer. The toy designers must design all of the details; the right size, shape, color, accessibility, and safety precautions. There has to be well designed way to make sure there are enough boxes to place all of the lighsabers in and with the correct labels. There is a system that is designed to transport the products as well. Without every process of shipping and distributing designed properly there could be major problems with getting the product to the consumer.

Palladio response

This home built within the past 25 years reflects the Palladio style of architecture. It reflects the style because of the main front (the dominant area) with two connecting side pieces. You can also see the consistency of proportion just by looking at this home. It is also very symmetrical; if you cut the building down the middle it would look the same on both sides. The dominant side has that temple look that is a motif of Palladio as well. The motif that I have chosen to reflect on this center pavilion motif. You can clearly see that this house has that center area sticking out and is arranged with pillars in front of it for emphasis. The adjacent sides of the home are also a part of the motif. The impact that the Palladio design has on the architecture world today is that many homes and buildings are being built to reflect this classical look that shows symmetry and proportion which is pleasing to the eye. Even with interiors today, they can reflect Palladio based off the high spherical ceilings and long corridors.

BP: Magazines


These are all images from Art in America’s magazine throughout the 1980’s and 1990’s. This magazine is obviously an art magazine so each cover portrays a different feature of art that is being focused on. A way that these images tie into what we have learned in class is the use of motifs. The font being used is the same in each image and is easily recognizable, therefor this font is a motif for the magazine. You can also see the progression of modernism throughout the years. The first image is the oldest and the last image is the most recent. The viewer can tell that is starts off more retro and makes its way to a more modern look.

Movie Analysis 3/4

Brandi Jones – Class rings. Her movie was made with her voice over the movie. This was very helpful because it allowed the pictures to easily be seen without words popping up throughout the movie. It also allowed me to listen and see at the same time which was beneficial. The pictures chosen to depict the class rings were good because they showed all of the different shapes, sizes, etc. In terms of design the class rings are personally designed to the consumers wishes. The consumer can add details to the ring and make their own selections on basically every aspect of the ring. She gave some of the names of the different styles of the rings (ex: the petite style). Overall this movie is very well made and is easy to follow along with thanks to the step by step visuals. The voice over feature allowed for more detail about the design process of the class ring.

Han Lu – watch. This movie opened with a clip of a woman creating an expensive designer watch and there is violin music playing in the background. This music choice fits very well with the product because it is an expensive watch and the music is fancy so it ties in well. The clip of the watch being created really helps grab the viewers attention and give a good visual of exactly how the watch is being made. This movie is made with Han’s voice over and I think this is a good way to make the movie so he can discuss the watch’s design while we see what is going on. Han talks about how the human experience has a lot to do with luxury because it is such a nice watch. The movie talks about the different colors and materials used to create these luxury watches. This movie is overall well made and felt very professional. Easy to follow along and see exactly how much work goes into the creation of the AP luxury watch.

Movie Analysis 1/2

Cameron Ricks did his informance movie on Rupp Arena. His movie immediately grabbed my attention with the upbeat and well known song playing in the background. Throughout the movie there were a lot of live action clips from Kentucky basketball games and clips from ESPN which really made me interested. Along with the short video clips there were lots of relevant facts that would pop up on the screen so I could read them while watching. Cameron gave statistics that helped support the way consumerism is met at Rupp. He also brought up facts about when Rupp was built and how the building contributes to the city of Lexington today. The movie also talks a lot about how the environment at Rupp is very unique and exciting. The fans and the blue colors make the environment so great and unique. The movie discusses how much media attention there is on Rupp and the Kentucky basketball team. Overall this is a very well made movie that clearly took a lot of time and effort.

Dylan Ficke did his informance movie on the original Weber BBQ Grill. This movie also grabbed my attention from the start with the interesting font and the upbeat music. Each fact that appeared on the screen was helpful with giving the history behind the grill itself. He gave images of the original grill and then more and more images explaining how it has been updated over time. The movie discusses the design process behind the grill and gives a list of the design features that the grill has. The movie shows pictures and words explaining how the grill contributes to consumerism with the fact that this grill can bring people together at different events. There is a part of the movie that reflects on how the media is related to the grill. You can have an app on your phone that syncs with your Weber grill, I thought this was very interesting. Also, the movie shares that you can find Weber grills in the media such as magazine ads and commercial ads. This movie kept me interested throughout the whole thing and was very well made.