BP: if you build it

In the movie If You Build It advocacy is shown through design because designers Emily and Matt go to Bertie, North Carolina and help students create designs and projects to benefit their community and teach them how to be architects/designers. They are all about having the students work with projects in a hands on experience way. The students created their own designs for a farmers market in their community. They created small models with their own hands and materials and then transformed those designs into even bigger models and eventually one student’s design was created as an actual building. Students learned skills like welding and carpentry as well as basic design drawing/sketching, and computer skills. All of this is a form of advocacy because Emily and Matt took their time to teach underprivileged high schoolers skills that will benefit them for the rest of their lives and give them goals. Emily and Matt did not get paid for any of it, it was simply them wanting to help this community. I think it is important to think of design in the form of advocacy because people who know design skills and tips should share with others their knowledge to benefit those around them. Design advocacy is only successful if information is being shared with others through communication and hands on activities to get other to know the skills behind design.


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