unit summary 10

Over the semester we have had multiple units where we had different teachers teach us about topics such as experience, finishes, furnishings, representation, and theories. Starting off the semester with experiences was a good transition into the other units because everything in interior design can connect back to experience. With finishes and furnishings we learned the history of certain furnishings and how they function along with how finishes can contribute to the experience in a space. The representation unit taught us about the world’s fairs and different styles and how they can be recognized in the design world today. We then learned about theories and different designer’s theories on interior design. Each unit led us to the next and everything was built off the previous unit. I think each unit connected because I always relate the units to each other. For example, finishes and furnishings connect to interior experiences. After this class I will think differently about the way I see rooms and how everything in a room contributes to my experience and outlook on that space. The first image I have chosen is a picture of KLair because in our experience unit we talked about our experience in a place that we are not very familiar with and it really made me think about how all the details and finishes effect my experience. The second image represents what we learned with status indicators. A room full of nice furniture and decor can create a high status room. The last image I have chosen is a picture of a Greek fret to show how we learned about motifs throughout the different time periods and cultures.



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